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Yvo de Jong- Principal Oboe

Yvo de Jong started playing the oboe at the age of seven, under the tutelage of Els van Poppel at the Music Academy in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. After moving to the city of Eindhoven to study Electrical Engineering, he joined the Eindhoven Student Music Society where he played in the concert band, sang in the choir, and also met his future wife Nathalie, who now plays in the Parkdale Orchestra’s violin section.


Upon obtaining his PhD in 2001, Yvo immigrated to Canada and was employed as a research scientist by the Communications Research Centre in Ottawa, where he studies the transmission and propagation of radio waves used, for example, to carry cellphone traffic. In 2006 he joined the Parkdale Orchestra, where he has produced sound waves ever since. He plays on a Lorée Royal oboe and makes his own reeds. His two sons, aged twelve and seven, are also musically inclined and play the bassoon and cello, respectively.

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